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To bring the latest knowledge and skills of Biotechnology within the reach of career- aspirants and enrich the interplay of academics and industry exposure SHRM Biotech is committed in developing a more creative and culturally diverse Biotech community. Biotechnology is a knowledge based industry requiring manpower which has the right combination of understanding the technology in use as well as managerial expertise required to mature this technology into a commercial and fertile business. SHRM Bio-technologies plans to initiate a training programme to fill in the lacuna for trained manpower in the wake of the Biotech revolution.

The learning programme will cover all aspects of Biotechnology including understanding of process, principles, experimentation, basics of project management, business values and finances in Biotechnology. The programme at Kolkata based SHRM Biotech are conceived after bench marking with the industry and institute. As the government of West Bengal has accorded priority to the biotechnology sector as new engine to shape the State’s future socio-economic growth, to meet this requirement of the state SHRM Biotech is set to emerge as a pivot of Biotech activity in Eastern India. The programme will not only build on the foundation of a graduate student, but also make entrepreneurs capable of achieving their goals in a realistic manner.

  1. Hands-on Industrial Training on Basic & Advanced Molecular Biology.
  2. Training on Agriculture Applications.
  3. Training Programme on Immunology & Bio-Chemistry.
  4. Hands-on Industrial Training with Advanced Bioinformatics.
  5. Training on Clinical Microbiology.
  6. Hands-on Industrial Training on Enzymology.
  7. Training Programme on Food Biotechnology.
  8. Hands-on Industrial Training on HPLC.
  9. Training on Quality Control – Microbiologist.
  10. Hands-on Industrial Training on Basic & Advanced Industrial Microbiology.
  11. Training Programme on Microbiology.
  12. Hands-on Industrial Training on PCR & RT PCR.
  13. Hands-on Industrial Training on Basic & Advanced Biochemical Techniques & Proteomics”.
  14. Virtual Reality Training on Pharma Production – Machine Operator
  15. Training on Medical Sales Representative
  16. Training on Lab Technician & Store Assistant
    And many others…
  1. Health Analytics
  2. Organic Spectroscopy
  3. Computer Aided Drug Design with QSAR & Bioinformatics
  4. Basic Course on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
  5. Understanding Python and R in Life Sciences Sector
  6. Food Analytics (Food Quality & Safety)
  7. Microbiology in Waste Management
  8. Effects of Virus Variants on COVID – 19 Vaccines
  9. Homology Modelling of a Clincial Protein
  10. E – Training on Immuno Informatics & reverse Vaccinology
  11. Molecular Immuno Informatics
  12. Structural Bioinformatics in Drug Discovery & Drug Designing
  13. Diagnostics Techniques through RT PCR
  14. Bio Entrepreneurship Training
  15. Role of AI in fighting COVID – 19

And many other topics…