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SHRM biotechnologies PVT. LTD. (SHRM) is one of the very few companies in Indian and the eastern region having multidimensional strengths and capabilities to provide organized & comprehensive consultancy/services in the field of Biotechnology. Realizing biotechnology as one of the greatest intellectual enterprises of humankind, to provide the impetus that fulfills this potential of understanding life processes and utilizing them to the advantage of humanity.

SHRM biotechnologies, based in Kolkata, West Bengal, started with a new vision to bridge the gap between the industry and institutes by understanding the needs of the industry and the potential of educational institutes. SHRM biotechnologies aims to be the leading service provider in all major areas of industrial and academic biotechnology in Kolkata & India with a knowledge-based approach and personalized customer service.

Why SHRM biotechnologies? The Vision Behind

SHRM biotechnologies has one of the finest laboratory facilities on par with any research institute, with latest equipments to work on all the aspects of Bioscience like Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering, Microbiology, Immunology, Biochemistry etc with separate spacious labs creating an ambient atmosphere of true services. Our prime assets are our people who are trained, determined and committed to decipher to each and every student the complete benefits of what they have undertaken by providing individual attention during their process of learning each and every time.

To support Biotech Students by providing the required knowledge and information. To educate and train biotech students (Field Visits, Mock Sessions, Project and Lectures) SHRM biotechnologies has initiated in a number of areas for the development of modern biotechnology in West Bengal, bringing the practices, fostering life science education and training besides building a reservoir of knowledge and information.

SHRM offers the platform and infrastructure supporting Biotech Education which are carefully engineered and implemented to provide the best quality at the highest levels of courseware and learning systems for the student fulfilling global standard. The training centre aims to serve the needs of both Biotech employees and students.

SHRM biotechnologies also provides a platform for research scholars to take-up research activities, utilizing the lab to carry out advanced practical techniques.

SHRM biotechnologies started up as Biotech services & training company in Eastern region with the objective of preparing professionals with the right mind set and skill set to leverage the potential of Biotechnology through high quality, intensive practical oriented training programmes in several specialized streams. SHRM biotechnologies delivers solutions that help utilize information effectively and transform key business practices. With an unparalleled dedication to quality, we help our clients’ priorities, plan, and implement the right technology solutions to meet their needs, all the way from discovery to product launch.