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SHRM Biotechnologies has independent R&D and is capable to develop many molecular biology products. SHRM Biotechnologies is involved in various research projects i.e.related to

  • Genetic Diversity
  • Molecular Biology
  • Industrial Microbiology
  • Enzymology
  • Plant Metabolites
  • Antibiotics
  • Waste Management
  • Bioremediation
  • Biochemistry
  • Food Technology
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Pharmacology
  • Infection Biology
  • Bioinformatics & other high demand areas

We are here to help your project when you need it the most, providing the flexibility and quality required for success. We get things done. We specialize in customizing our services to your exact needs.
SHRM focus on some high demand areas in life sciences such as genomics, proteomics and other related life sciences field.

What do SHRM Provide under these Project Works?

  1. Training in Practicals to students who have not done those protocols earlier.
  2. Complete [Project Report] Thesis Assistance.
  3. Handson Practicals Experience
  4. Training in Content Writing with 9% Plagiarism
  5. Academic Reviews Assistance
  6. Project Presentation Assistance
  7. Project Publication Assistance in Scopus Indexed Journals with Impact Factor above 2.5 for required candidates
  8. Accommodation Assistance for Students coming from outstations to Kolkata

    Ph.D/ M.Tech/ M.Sc/ B.Tech Projects Assistance

    SHRM provides assistances in the following cases

    1. Research / Project Topic selection with complete proposal assistance in any field under Biotechnology & Bioinformatics or in a combined one.
    2. Finalizing research methodology with complete protocols finalization with reference back up where ever necessary.
    3. Practical assistance to desired number of protocols until desired results are procured. Fee & Time depend upon number of protocols that are finalized in step 2 above
    4. Analysis and documentation of procured results. [These analysis includes statistical analysis too
    5. Thesis assistance right from Title to references [including discussions, conclusions, summary etc] if respective PhD guides recommend for the same.