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At SHRM, employees have the opportunity to work with other results-oriented, highly skilled, and experienced industry experts. SHRM work environment is challenging and rewarding. As an employee, you can further develop your skills, increase your knowledge base, and be associated with a winning company.

We are searching for dedicated people to join our team. If you’re smart, friendly, resourceful, flexible, a fast learner, and have high goals, we look forward to having you in our company.
Here at SHRM, we’re always on the look out for talented people who are passionate about the Biotechnology, want to change the world with innovations and invention, expand their abilities and develop an incredible career. If this sounds like you, then you should apply.

If you are a college student pursuing a degree in Biotechnology and looking for hands on training and industrial exposure, SHRM Biotechnologies was exactly you were looking for. At SHRM you will work with the most sophisticated instruments which weren’t there in your college or maybe too expensive for your use. Apply now! Challenges, Tough time, Hard work…Innovations, inventions, discoveries……The Biotechnology world is waiting for you.

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