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Biotechnology and life sciences are no doubt booming industries. Both sectors offer excellent career opportunities in India and abroad. However, due to various factors, biotechnology and life science graduate quite often struggle to find suitable jobs, especially in India. Two reasons are – lack of proper employability skills (technical and non-technical) and lack of knowledge about alternative career options, i.e. careers outside lab and academia.
SHRM Biotech have a separate cell and team for extensive career counseling for candidates – so that they can take the right decision in regard to their career perspective for life science

SHRM can help the candidates with the following (in the Life Sciences domain; specifically for the age group 15 to 28)
  • Guidance on deciding their career paths
  • Guidance on higher education (UG
  • PG including PhD)
  • Guidance on SoP
  • College shortlisting (India & Abroad)
  • Job Guidance (CV
  • job applications
  • getting connected with relevant Recruitment/HR Professionals)
  • Help with online presence (LinkedIn and other media channels)

SHRM Biotech have also tied up with Career Catalyst Advisory and for India and Abroad counseling, apart from SHRM own team.

Interested candidates can reach out to us here. We are always up for a chat!