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SHRM Biotechnologies has independent R&D and is capable to develop many molecular biology products. SHRM Biotechnologies is involved in various research projects i.e.related to genetic diversity, molecular biology, industrial microbiology, enzymology, plant metabolites, antibiotics, waste management, bioremediation, biochemistry, food technology, genetic engineering, pharmacology, infection biology, bioinformatics & other high demand areas.

Contract Research

SHRM provides all-in-one solution to facilitate the research projects related to life sciences on contract basis. We have on-going live research assignments in collaborations with reputed institutional organizations and corporate clients. To complete the project within time period with accuracy and précised, SHRM provides work station with well sophisticated equipments, highly standardized protocols and much experienced research scientists, research associates & technical associates

SHRM is a private limited company whose dedication to providing outstanding life science research is fuelled by an unrivalled commitment to quality. Our distinct combination of expertise and insight delivers results in every phase of life science research. We share the same level of involvement, commitment and passion as our clients- a dedication to collaboration that delivers life saving products with more efficacy and greater speed.
Despite extensive planning, unexpected problems or resource demands occur during your projects which need to be managed quickly and efficiently. We are there to support you in any way possible. Our service package will be customized to meet your needs, and can be adjusted along the way as your project changes.

We are here to help your project when you need it the most, providing the flexibility and quality required for success. We get things done. We specialize in customizing our services to your exact needs.

SHRM focus on some high demand areas in life sciences such as genomics, proteomics and other related life sciences field.

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Life Science is an interdisciplinary programme that focuses on biomedical advances and research training, culminating in a final dissertation
SHRM Biotech, will felicitate an candidate with the registration under any Govt. or Private University, and provide a guide.
The entire work would be carried at SHRM Biotech & the university.
The candidate getting enrolled would have to pay a certain sum per semester in order to get the registration done for the Ph.D

Advantage of doing Ph.D at SHRM Biotech
  1. Helps in providing customized solutions of real problems
  2. Ph.D helps in acquiring permanent academic positions in University/Colleges/ Research Labs & Institutes
  3. Ph.Ds maintain positive thinking amidst of various failures
  4. Ph.Ds create new information
  5. Ph.D provides a wider dimension to collaborate among various groups of people

For further clarification /enrollment kindly email at, with a subject line :- Admission to Ph.D Programme.


Ph.D. Program at National Institute of Technology, Agartala (Department of Chemical Engineering).

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

SHRM Biotech can helps aspiring graduate students to write strong SOP. SOP is critical to your successful admission into a graduate school to pursue an advanced degree such as Masters and PhD. Admission committee wants to make sure you have the right temperament to succeed in graduate school.

Cover Letter

SHRM Biotech helps you writing an effective cover letter for your post-doctoral jobs to schools abroad and also assists you in writing strong cover letter for your job hunts in biotech industries. A good cover letter introduces you to the employer, helps you to get your resume reviewed seriously, and explains why you are one of the best candidates applying for the jobs advertised.


SHRM Biotech can help you to prepare a strong resume/BIOS. The resume acts as a bridge between you and the prospective recruiter. So, to make the first impact, your resume must stand out from the rest


Scientific presentation is a key component of sharing your work and achieving recognition in the medical and scientific communities. Stellar presentations can contribute to career success and earn respect among peers. The content and how you present it are two major facets to a presentation. No matter how rich is the content, no one will understand it if they stop paying attention. Too much data presentation will actually harm your rich content as audience. may find them overwhelming and complicated. You tell exactly what audience is interested in listening. SHRM Biotech can help you making a clear presentation that flows well and well received by the audience. You send us a draft PPT and we will take it from there.

Peer Review, Manuscript Writing and Editing

No paper ever comes in perfectly polished as it has to go through rounds of peer review, editorial inputs, copy editing, and finally proofing. Although perfect submission is in part a good way to impress the editors, primarily editors critically examine sound and important science. However, the truth is that clearly written papers have a greater chance of a favourable reviews as opposed to those difficult to decipher. In fact, chances are very high reviewers will misunderstand the work if the language is not clear. The bottom line is that let the editors find diamonds in the rough. SHRM Biotech has a network of experienced reviewers worldwide who can help you to make the cut in a top journal through pre-submission peer reviewing.

Research Grant Writing

Ask good research questions.
As a reviewer, I often find few manuscripts backed up with awesome, meticulously done experiments using latest technologies, however, they are not good in advancing the current knowledge about the issue. In most cases, these manuscripts get rejected by the reviewers or they get published in very low impact journals. This hurts PIs’ promotion, credibility, and the hard work by graduate students and post docs does not get noticed. Choose your aims wisely. Aims are key to competitive grant funding. Spend more time in defining your aims. Especially for early-stage investigator get your aims reviewed by the Chairperson of your department or by peers. Methodologies are important as well. Not necessarily, you have to be an expert in all the technologies you intend to use in your proposal. Choose your collaborators and consultants/experts who can help you in executing your research. The bottom line is try to do something impactful. At the end of the day, you are answerable to the tax payers.