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SHRM Biotech can provide SHG Trainings on vernacular language for the following topics / areas :

  1. Setting up Bio floc Tanks to impart trainings to Entrepreneurs / Farmers
  2. Trainings on Dairy Farming
  3. Trainings on Poultry / Duck Keeping
  4. Trainings on Goat Farming
  5. Mushroom Cultivation Training
  6. Horticulture Training
  7. Aquaponic / Hydroponic Trainings
  8. Recirculate Aquaculture System (RAS) Trainings
  9. Training course on Gobor or Bio-Gas Plant establishment
  10. Training course on Agricultural Soil Analysis
  11. Training course on Aqua & Agri Input marketing
  12. Training Course on Fish Food Preservation
  13. Training course on Vegetable Processing
  14. Training Course on Pickle Making
  15. Training Course on Packaging Food / Cosmetics Products
  16. Training Course on making vermi / Organic Compost
  17. Training Course on Home Gardening
  18. Production of Hand Sanitizers