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SHRM Biotech is undergoing Academia – Research based activity with the following:

Bose Institute


Dr B C Roy College of Pharmacy & AHS, Durgapur etc.

SHRM Biotech is also currently undergoing contractual research based activities and Research And others Work from International clients at Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

Ongoing Research

Biofilm are the colony of sessile group of organisms that remain adhered to biotic and abiotic surface with the help of pilli and extracellular polymeric substances (EPS). This is composed of carbohydrates, protein, nucleic acids and several other minerals that not only provides nourishment to the developing cells but also prevents the penetration of antibiotics and other drugs rendering antibiotic resistance. The overuse of antibiotics has resulted in the development of genotypic changes among the organism which has also been a great concern to fight against the resistant group of organisms.

At present our research groups are focusing on the following aspects to provide an alternate path to the treatment against biofilm associated infections

  1. Isolation of bioactive compounds from various plants and determining the antibiofilm properties
  2. Developing the mode of the action of these bioactive compounds in inhibiting the growth of the biofilm
  3. Use of peptides in the mechanism of inhibiting the Biofilm related infection.
  4. Use of enzymes as antibiofilm agent
  5. Isolation of AMP from plant sources that has an effective role in the inhibition of Biofilm.
  6. In-silco interactions between various natural compounds and biofilm forming proteins to determine its efficacy of action.

SHRM Biotechnologies have done following In House R&D and Product Development and also have applied for Patents
Few of the In house R&D are the following:-

Cu-nanotechnology based mask fabrication/ (VIBACT killer-21)

Innovation: We have designed a special copper nanotechnology based antiviral/antibacterial mask (VIBACT killer-21) within a very cheap price (compared to N95 mask with proper respirator).

Brief highlight: This mask is made on N95 based fabric having three layers. The mask from the top is coated with copper nanosol interspersed with Tween 80, a surfactant having antibacterial and antiviral property. The copper nanoparticle has the ability to kill the virus or bacteria con contact just by mechanical zipping of the lipid membrane and then the cellular DNA. These findings have been complied and corroborated by our own testing outcomes by copper nanoparticles over a set of pathogenic airborne microbes. Within a very short time period, it can kill the challenging microbe/s. Although we did not have the permission to test against COVID-19, a plethora of scientific literature and publications supports that copper can kill SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) as well within a time as short as 30 mins. The application of copper in its nano form has the promise to improve all its activity as the higher surface energy of nanoparticles enables it to interact more vehemently with its environment.

Developing a long acting Antiviral/Antibacterial Hand- Sanitizer (Vibact Shield) with Surfactant Copper- Nanotechnology (Nanosol)

SHRM Biotech’s Hand Sanitizer, is an ingenious technology infused solution to the current problem of innovating new methods to combat the corona virus. Our Copper Nanosol hand sanitizer ensures the effective inactivation/killing of the virus particles on both animate and inanimate objects by the intervention of the energy mediated cell destruction as well as surfactant technology. This surfactant technology ensures that the sanitizers properly engulfs the viral particle and does not evaporate into air before time.Plus, the sprayed metal nano interface over the target inlays a long acting bioinspired surface that eliminates COVID-19 or other airborne microbes by energy mediated contact killing and does not evaporate until washed. This is the only concise invention that can effectively provide safety to the public with proven anti-COVID-19 protection along with bringing about normalcy in regular life activities because our product accentuates alertness and superior disaster management methodologies in real-time.