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SHRM Biotechnologies is conducted various summer / Winter Camps on Offline and Online Mode in association with Stoodnt INC, a USA Based Ed- tech Company (www.stoodnt.com)

Basically our Courses are the following:-

  1. Offline : Wet Lab (Hands on Trainings) on various aspects of Biotechnology & Bio Sciences
  2. 2-Week Online Summer Program on Biotech & Biosciences: ideal for the students who want to gain college-level exposure to molecular biology, microbiology, virology, biochemistry, etc.
  3. 2-Week Online Summer Program on Bioinformatics & Computational Biology : ideal for students who want to gain college-level exposure to Molecular Biology, Genetics, Drug Discovery, Computational Biology & Bioinformatics.

Congratulations Aditi Srinivasan from The International School Bangalore, Bengaluru, for conducting research and publishing her work “Evaluation of the Expression of CD-4 and CD-45 Count among Patients Having Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer” in the International Journal of Research Publication and Reviews.

Why Biotechnology & Biosciences ?

As we all know, Biotechnology and Biosciences (Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Bioinformatics, etc.) sound very exciting for high school students. But, the difference between the high school curriculum and the college curriculum is pretty wide.

Why Bioinformatics for High School Students ?

Biology in the 21st century is expanding from a purely laboratory-based science to an information-aided one.

Recent developments in both molecular biology and information technology have made biological data much more readily available to scientists and to educational institutions, and this growing amount of data has creaed an “absolute requirement” for the use of computers to organize, analyze, and process such information.

Know more about the scopes and applications of bioinformatics in medicine and biotechnology.

Why should High School Students attend Summer Schools ?

In today’s competitive world of academics, the benefits of attending a summer school program are abundant for young and aspiring students.
There are so many social, cultural, and academic benefits, which are more far-reaching than one can expect from a normal course of study.
Summer programs and online bootcamps have become very popular among curious and ambitious high school students.
The concept of such summer/winter program is like crash course programs from experts of their respective fields of specialization which can immensely help the students with their varied experience and knowledge.
There are many kids who enjoy Biology. But, they are not always sure of which career path to take. Be it MBBS, Forensic Science, or Biotechnology – nothing is easy.
The choice of a subject may define your career and your life thereof. From a wide range of study and career options in the biotechnology and bio-sciences domain, you need to identify your core strengths and choose an avenue you are confident of.