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SHRM Biotech Consultancy Services we aim to be at the forefront of industry developments.
We provide Research and Managerial support on various aspects of Biotechnology from technology support, Technology transfer from various Research based organization, incubators , Techno-economic feasibility studies and potential surveys etc, to even providing managerial and Project Planning, strategy, market research and financial support.
We also provide industrial consultancy in following areas:-

  1. Setting up Bioscience & Biotechnology Laboratories at School, College & Universities
  2. Developing Biotech Parks which includes – Floor Planning, Instrumentation Facilities, departments designing and process flow chart., Setting up SOP’s, Accreditation support etc.
  3. Setting up Commercial Plant Tissue Culture Labs
  4. Setting up Diagnostics Centres with Accreditations
  5. SHRM Biotech have provided Pharma solutions and also have provided consultancy for Animal feed industry, Diary, Agricultural, Herbal , Aqua, Food Technology related work
  6. We also provide consultancy on Sustainable Environment Projects, CRO, KPO etc areas.

For further discussions, you could email at, and book an appointment in regard to any business consultancy.

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