Hands on Industrial Training on Basic & Advanced Industrial Microbiology

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✓ General and Safety Instructions for Working in Microbiology
✓ Bio-Instrumentation for Wet Lab.
✓ Working with Autoclave, Hot-Air Oven, Laminar Air Flow, Microscope and other
Microbiological Laboratory Instruments.
✓ Handling of Micropipettes, Petri plates, Spreaders, Inoculation Loop and other
Microbiological Tools
✓ Identification and Classification of Microbes.
✓ Culturing of Microbes.
✓ Media Preparation.
✓ Solid and Liquid Media Preparation.
✓ Preparation of Cotton Plug, Plugging for Bacterial Cultures.
✓ Sterilization Process.
✓ Chemical Sterilization Process.
✓ Physical Sterilization Process
✓ Pouring of Media on Plates.
✓ Isolation and Culturing of Microbes from Water Sample (Through Serial Dilution Method).Isolation and Culturing of Microbes from Soil Sample (Through Serial Dilution Method).
✓ Isolation and Culturing of Microbes from Air (Through Pouring of Media on Plates Exposure
✓ Pure Culture Technique.
✓ Pour Plate Technique.
✓ Spread Plate Technique.
✓ Various Streaking Methods.
✓ Pure Culture Preparation through Solid Media
✓ Maintenance of Pure Culture.
✓ Slant Preparation & Sub Culturing of Microbes.
✓ Morphological Behavior of Microbes
✓ Staining Techniques. (A) Gram Staining. (B) Endospore Staining.
✓ Biochemical Tests. (A) Catalase Test. (B) Mannitol Fermentation Test. (C) VP Test etc.
✓ Optimization of Culture Conditions of Microbes.
✓ Study of Growth Pattern of Microbes

Primary Screening of Active Microbes.
✓ Secondary Screening of
Active Microbes.
✓ Fermentation Techniques.
✓ Isolation and
Characterization of
Antibiotics from Microbes
✓ Evaluation and Determination of Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC).
✓ Effect of pH, Temperature, Salinity, Precursors, Inhibitors and Elicitors on Growth of Microbes.
✓ Effect of Physical and Chemical Mutagen on Growth of Microbes.

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